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Code of conduct

The do's

  • DO watch out for other vehicles and pedestrians and give clear hand signals to show your intentions
  • DO be careful around lorries and never pass them on the left just before, or at, traffic lights
  • DO consider using designated cycle lanes whenever possible
  • DO make yourself seen at night by wearing reflective or fluorescent clothing
  • DO check that the cycle is road worthy (tyres, brakes, saddle, bell)
  • DO ensure the cycle is properly docked at a docking point to avoid theft
  • DO report abandoned or damaged cycles by calling 0845 026 3630
  • DO find out more about cycle training
  • DO always abide by The Highway Code
  • DO consider wearing a cycle helmet

The don'ts

  • DON'T ride through red traffic lights - it is dangerous and illegal
  • DON'T cycle on the pavement unless it is signed as a shared use path
  • DON'T cycle the wrong way up one-way streets unless it's clearly marked as a two way route for cyclists
  • DON'T overtake unless there is enough room and it is safe to do so
  • DON'T cycle too close to moving vehicles
  • DON'T get too close to parked cars in case the doors are suddenly opened
  • DON'T use a mobile phone or earphones while cycling
  • DON'T ride a cycle when under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • DON'T leave a hire cycle unattended - if you're not cycling it, return it
  • DON'T carry passengers on the cycle or animals/bulky items in the basket.

And lastly, if you're a visitor to the UK, remember to cycle on the left

source: Transport for London

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